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Anjali Jariwala is the founder of FIT Advisors – a financial planning firm which serves physicians and business owners across the US.

After working with Fortune 500 clients and high net worth individuals at distinguished firms, Anjali decided she could make a bigger impact by starting her own firm. Her approach is to help clients understand that money is a tool to reach financial goals but emotions can impact their ability to make good financial decisions. Working through the psychology of money with her clients, allows them to see why they treat their money the way they do, and helps them build better financial habits. Anjali’s ultimate goal is to use her expertise in tax and finance to educate her clients so they are empowered to make sound financial decisions for themselves. Anjali has been featured in CNBC, Bloomberg, US News and World Report, New York Times, USA Today, Business Insider, Investment News and more.

When she’s not busy helping her clients build wealth and financial stability, Anjali puts time into her newfound passion as a children’s book author.

As a South Asian mom, Anjali was spending a lot of time trying to find books for her daughter that featured characters who looked like her. While she found that many South Asian authors did a wonderful job bringing light to cultural holidays and religious traditions, Anjali was still searching for something more. She wanted more books that highlight day-to-day South Asian cultural norms, so she decided to add to the collection by writing and publishing a book herself. The product of this passion, Why We Eat With Our Hands, highlights the beauty of Indian culture and dives into a day-to-day cultural tradition that most South Asians experience every day, but may not even know the reason behind it. 

Anjali Jariwala

Whether it’s through financial advising or writing South Asian children’s literature, Anjali is passionate about helping people feel empowered and capable of building the lives they want for themselves.

As a woman of color, she understands the challenges women and people of color face when it comes to feeling represented. She hopes to continue to find more ways to improve the narrative through her unique skill set as both a financial advisor and a children’s book author.

Anjali lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter Nyla.

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